2013 Writing project

This writing project is a story written by six different classes from around the world. Each class writes one paragraph each week. Together we will create a story. I will also be creating videos to go with each paragraph. If you would like a video contact me at rgallamore@sd78.bc.ca. Art work is done by students.

The order of writing is :
Donna Gallamore, grade 6, Agassiz, BC
Cristina Milos, grade 2, Rome, Italy
Kristen Peters , grade 5/6. Agassiz, BC
Greg Mills, grade 4, Agassiz, BC
Mitch Ward, grade 3, Richmond , BC
Rob Gallamore, grade 5, Agassiz, BC

Cristina’s class is here:
Train ...by Meka

From Mrs.Gallamore’s grade 6’s

“Good-bye! Arrivaderci! Au revoir! ” I waved to my parents as the train started to move. I was in London-bound for an exciting “Alice in Wonderland” film audition. My kitten Quincy played with my hair as the train gradually picked up speed. “Good-bye, Adrienne. Good luck!” my parents called. As they became smaller and smaller, I relaxed in my seat and looked around checking my surroundings. I noticed that the man in the seat next to me was lighting a cigarette. I slid closer to the window , as I hate the revolting stench of cigarette smoke. All of a sudden the train bounced , and the man’s match flew out of his hand and landed on the floor. I began to panic as the flames spread, getting closer and closer to the engine room. In a flash, I scooped up Quincy , stood on my seat and exclaimed, “The train’s on fire!!!”

From Cristina Milos grade two class in Rome, Italy .

Suddenly, the door fell down with a crash! Batman flew in with the fire extinguisher. “Everybody, don’t panic!” he proudly exclaimed. But as soon as he started, his feet got on fire! “Oh, my god! I forgot my super noninflammable boots in the bat cave. Now my feet are burning. Heeeelp”!!!!

“Oh, no! What am I going to do?”Adrienne started to worry. Then a fireman jumped out of nowhere! “I’m going to extinguish all the fire and I didn’t forget my shoes”!!!

“Hip Hip hooray! He did it!” they all shouted when he finished. But Adrienne was still concerned because nobody could fix the engine that now was covered in foam. She wondered, “Will I get in time for the audition?”


From Mrs.Peters grade 5/6 class

“Wake Up” the man in the seat next to me said. I was about to stand but I saw that Quincy was not beside me anymore. I looked around and under the seats, but he was not there. When I got up, the man was in front of me holding Quincy. As he passed Quincy to me I was going to ask him about the fire, but when I blinked he was gone. I walked up to the conductor and asked, “Have you seen the man that was next to me?” the conductor looked at me and said, “What man? There was never a man sitting next to you.” Then he looked at me as if I was crazy.

From Mr.Mills Class

I thought about it for a second. I looked around. Nothing was burnt or wrecked or destroyed. Now that I think about it, nothing actually happened. It was all just a dream. A Man stood up and sang, “Here we come, Train Station.” I thought is this really happening, that dude is singing. I thought I was dreaming, but I was not, that guy was actually singing.

From Mr.Ward’s grade three class

It was only about 5 more minutes of hearing the singing man when we finally pulled into the train station in London. I was feeling good and rested since i was sleeping on the train. I was getting off the train, grabbed my bags, and quickly walked down the stairs and off to the platform. Wait! I yelled to myself, where is Quincy? I left her back on the train. I turned to run back up the stairs and saw a young girl had Quincy in her arms. She came up to me and said dont forget your cat. I walked through the train station looking for my grandma, she was supposed to pick me up. I found her, gave her a big hug and we started the 2 hour drive back to her home. We had a great a talk and she asked me about my audition. She was still so proud of me for doing this audition. The next day grandma took me to the theatre and I walked into the lobby to see many other people who were looking right at me. I thought this would be a tough audition but didnt realize that so many people would be trying to get this part. I waited for 1 hour until my name was finally called. I followed this lady down a dark tunnel before we turned the corner and then arrived at the door. The lady opened the door and yelled “Adrienne”, she turned and left, I walked into the room and there were 4 people looking at me. I sat down in the chair and I started to get very nervous my palms started to feel moist. I took a gulp and waited for someone to say something. Finally, a lady stood up and said……………………………

From Mr.Gallamore’s grade 5 class

“Hello Adrienne,” her voice made me shiver. “We’ve been expecting you.” I nervously blurted out, ”What do you mean?”. BAM! Suddenly, the door slammed shut behind me. The obese blonde lady’s sharp pointy fingernails crept along her chair. “Wh….What do you want?” I stuttered. “Oh nothing,” the red-eyed lady creaked with an evil smile. “Just you!”. The man in the trench coat next to her swiftly snatched me. I scampered and pleaded with them to let me go. The other man with a huge scar on his face stood up and opened a hatch on the ground leading to a dark gloomy room. They threw me in, and I landed hard on my back. I could see nothing but darkness. It was a small cement room that was air tight. I could hardly breathe. I sat cold and lonely in the room for six hours.

Suddenly the man with the scar and a tall brunette opened the hatch. The lady threw Quincy in with me, only this time when they left, the hatch did not close all the way. I noticed Quincy now had on a very fancy collar. Where in the world did she get that high tech collar? Suddenly I could see the devious people plotting. “……we should?”. The man in the trench coat murmured. The lady scowled at him. “Why are you such an imbecile?”. The lady stormed out of the room with the men and the brunette following behind her.

Now was my chance. I quickly climbed out with Quincy at my side. When we got to the hallway, Quincy meowed. I looked around. We were still safe. But there were men in trenchcoats everywhere. We sneaked through a few black doors and ended up in the auditorium. It was beautiful with red velvet curtains and leather seats. It was as big as The Opera House. “Hello again”, a familiar voice called. I turned around and caught a glimpse of my grandma before I blacked out.

I feinted from a combination of no food and water, and the shock of seeing my grandma. When I became aware my grandmother was right there. I ran over to her to give her a hug but…… I went right through her. I turned around and looked at my grandmother . Then she glitched. I wondered to myself, OMG how did I go through my grandma?

Suddenly my holographic grandma started to walk off the stage. I decided to follow her even though she was a hologram. She led me downstairs into a room deep down in the theatre. I opened the door.

Oh no, there was the lady and her two henchmen. After I saw them I got captured. “The hologram worked!” boasted the lady. They put me back in the tight space under the theatre. I could barely hear but could make out what they said . The lady was going to bomb the theatre. They said it was revenge. The same judges said that they were not good enough when they were kids.

I wondered what they wanted with me. I heard the lady talking .She said the bombs are set. They will blow up in two hours. I heard my door open. They grabbed me and it seemed like we were leaving the theatre. Everywhere I went, I heard tick… tick…tick. When outside, I got stuffed in the back of a semi truck. As we drove I heard an explosion. We travelled for what seemed days but was only three hours. Suddenly the truck swerved. Then the truck stopped. I heard a voice on a megaphone say,”This the FBI. We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up or we will open fire.” The semi doors were opened by the FBI. The police put me in the back of their car.

I was so relieved. I asked how they found me. They explained about how Quincy had a collar that had a GPS on it. The brunette girl who gave me Quincy in the cement room was an undercover officer. They had been following the lady and her two henchmen after they had bought explosives from a 007 British agent. I was returned to my rightful non-holographic grandma and later got the part at an audition at Buckingham Palace. The queen had heard about the travesty and wanted to help. Finally, it all ended well.


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  1. CristinaM. says:

    My students and I are looking forward to see how the story will unfold! 🙂

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