2014 Writing Project

Order of Writing

April 7-11 Mr.Gallamore, Grade 5, Agassiz, BC
April 14-18 Ms. Cristina Milos , Grade 2, Rome, Italy
April 21-25 Mr.Mills, Grade 4, Agassiz, BC
April 28-May 2 Mrs.Gallamore, Grade 6, Agassiz, BC
May 12-16 Mr. Ward, Grade 2/3 , Richmond, BC
May 19-23 Mrs. Peters , Grade 5/6, Agassiz, BC
mystery school1

mds school
The dingy boarding school is called MDS (Mystery District of Standards). It is the end of school and time for a scorching summer break. People say the school was haunted. I seriously doubt it. Jessica is in grade seven. She loves fashion and art. She is usually a responsibly polite student, but Julie passed her a note. The teacher, Mrs. Spike, caught Jessica but not Julie. Julie is a tall self-centered girl who loves rugby and skipping out. That day Jessica had an unexpected detention in the science room. Jessica entered and the doors suddenly shut. Everything goes dark, smoky and silent. All of a sudden Jessica bumps into someone. It was Julie. They say at the same time, “What are you doing here? I thought I was alone.” Two red beaming eyes appear at the door and move to the other side of the room. ” I have been expecting you,” whispered a shadowy figure in a sketchy low voice.

mds room2

From Ms.Milos Grade 2 class in Rome, Italy

The red eyes got closer and closer.

“What’s going on?” whispered Jessica.

“It might be Joe, the boy who died in detention two years ago,” replied Julie.

Suddenly, the eyes changed light yellow. Jessica’s face turned pale. She started sweating and she could hardly breathe. She wanted to run away as fast as she could but her feet seemed to be stuck in the hard floor.

The sunlight shone on Julie’s face: her teeth were becoming sharper and sharper, grey fur was coming out of her skin and her clothes ripped off. Her nails seemed like knives. A werewolf by any name.

“Now you know the truth!” Julie warned.

“Ha ha ha, we trapped her!” the voice was heard again.

The lights turned on: the shape of a boy started to form. He had ragged pants, his shirt was falling off and a white light was glowing around him.

Jessica was gasping.

“It is YOU, Joe! How is this possible?”

“Yes, it is ME!” Joe chuckled.

“Surprise, surprise! You didn’t know I was a wizard, did you?”

“I was in this very room”, he began, “exactly where you stand right now, Jessica. Then the window crashed and a rock came right at my eye. Then an assasin swiftly took my life.”

“But why me?” asked Jessica while staring at Joe as he nervously paced the room.

“You have incredible powers. Weren’t you aware of that?” Julie glared at Jessica.

“What can I do” Jessica thought. She didn’t know how to summon her powers and panicked. As she was concentrating on the floor, thinking about solutions, a flame started rising higher and higher until it reached the ceiling. Jessica took a few steps back and exclaimed,

“Wow! So THIS is what I can do!”

Julie sneered at her right away, “This is the first AND the last time you will use your power!”

Mr Mills Paragraph 3 Story Writing 2014

Jessica gasped, “But Julie, you’re my friend! Why are you doing this?” She whispered. “Because…” Joe started “Julie is mine now, under my control, and you don’t have a chance to stop me. And soon you shall be mine too.” Joe said calmly. “That’s right, Jessica, time to say goodbye!” Julie howled. Chains wrapped around Jessica’s arms and legs. Joe made a gun-shaped beam come up from the floor. He pointed it at Jessica. “Julie please! Please don’t do this, you can’t be!” Jessica begged. “Oh but she is my dear.” Joe laughed as Julie pulled a lever; the beam started pulling Jessica’s powers out. “No! Ahh! J-Julie… Ahh!” Jessica whined, getting her powers pulled out was painful. “Grrrrr… I will kill-Ahh…-You Joe…” Jessica snapped weakly, but she felt her powers rising up in her in rage, the fire was burning inside her. “Don’t fight it, Jessica. You know you can’t.” Julie said sweetly, she pulled the lever farther, the beam got stronger.. But so did the fire burning inside Jessica, it was so powerful that Jessica exploded the beam, the chains and the room in complete rage, then she ran away…

Power sucking MDS

explosion mds

From Mrs.Gallamore’s grade six class
Jessica breathed heavily, wincing with every step she took down the hall. Pain struck through her as she bolted. It felt unbearable yet she still found enough strength to sprint faster every turn she took. It wasn’t long after Jessica heard an ear piercing howl through the school hallways. Julie was fast, always known as being the athletic type so Jessica decided to hide in the janitor’s closet. A thought came to mind when Jessica saw a mop, bucket, hose and nets so she improvised. Quickly, she turned the tap on, grabbing the mop and bucket. She drenched the mop in water and cleaning supplies, carelessly dumping the water in large puddles in the hallway. Julie was coming onto Jessica quickly, using her nose to guide her straight towards Jessica. To busy hunting down Jessica, Julie was oblivious to the soap and water and let out a squeal of surprise as she flailed to the ground. As if on cue, Jessica came in with the nets, running over, leaping and entrapping Julie. It was like walking on marbles to Jessica and it was near impossible to stand when fighting one another. Julie struggled in fury, sending them both cascading to the floor, tangled in the nets. They both became entangled and tied to the ropes, both feeling trapped.

From Mr.Ward’s grade 3 class in Richmond, BC
Suddenly they heard something of what sounded like a car engine. They barely had a chance to figure it out when a car came smashing through the school hallway. The car almost hit them then they heard the tires screech and take off. The girls were still tangled in the net when they felt a pull and realized the net was caught on the bumper of the car. They were dragged back through the wall of the school and onto the grass by the bike racks. The net must have ripped on the ground and had split the net open. The car came to a stop and the door quickly opened. A masked man got out and started yelling at them. The girls paniced and quickly found the hole in the net and slipped out. The masked man ran back to the car to grab an object that looked like a golf club. Jessica and Julie took off running as fast as they could toward the playground and the trees behind the school. As they looked through bushes they saw the man who pointed and yelled “get back here” and he started running towards the bushed. Jessica and Julie were very scared and beginning to run deeper into the bushes and the forest area. Their hearts beating quickly they decided to try and outrun the man. They could hear the man catching up to them while he yelled “i am going to get you!” Just then Jessica tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. She saw the blood from the cut on her knee. Both Jessica and Julie looked behind them and ………………………..

the ending from Mrs.Peters’ grade 5/6 class
…saw that it wasn’t blood, but red gas pouring out of her leg. “What?!” she shouted. Suddenly Joe came floating through the air. “Julie finish her,” Joe demanded. “No, I am no longer your slave,” she said. “Very well then,” Joe said and suddenly he used the red gas and turned it into a beam and brought Julie back to the dark side. “Finish her!” he hissed. Julie lifted up a huge claw ready to strike when suddenly the masked man came out of nowhere hurling his golf club at Julie knocking her out. “NO!’ screamed Joe and sent a bolt of lightning at the masked man. “AHHHH!!” He shouted. Anger surged inside Jessica and she sent a huge flame flying at Joe. With a final scream of anger Joe disappeared. Jessica pulled off the masked mans mask and gasped. She was staring at Joe’s evil grin. “But I killed you!’ She exclaimed. “I am many.” He hissed and he prepared to finish her. “Hands up!” A loud voice boomed and a SWAT team charged in and took Joe away. Julie had turned back into a good being and had called the cops. As Julie and Jessica were walking to school the next day Julie told Jessica that Joe had escaped prison. “We’ll be ready.” Jessica answered.

Great job , everyone!!!


2 Responses to 2014 Writing Project

  1. CristinaM. says:

    We had a great time writing our part and are looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

    Thanks for involving us in this project!

    Class 2M and Cristina Milos

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