Student Web pages

We do our student web pages using notepad. The students must type in code to get their web pages
to work. I like using notepad because of all the problem solving involved in writing code.


A force is a simple strong push or pull. There are four forces.
The four forces are;

Magnet, muscle power, gravity, machine.

There are also 6 Simple machines They are; Screw,
Wheel and axle, Pulley, Lever, Wedge, Inclined Plane.


Here are some examples of what these Simple Machines could be:
Lever: Crowbar, broom, hammer, teeter totter.
Wheel and Axle: Bike, Skates.
Pulley: Clothes line, Flag Pole, Well.
Inclined Plane: Wooden ramp, metal ramp, any type of ramp, etc.

Some Simple Machines are from prehistoric times, example the Lever. Cavemen used levers to help them lift up heavy rocks.

Speaking of prehistoric times, let me tell you about The History of Simple Machines!

The history of Simple Machines is all about how Simple Machines came to be. How people used them in the past, like.. A long time ago. Example, what I had explained earlier, cavemen used levers to lift heavy rocks or animals. Oh, and hear this, animal is also one of the forces, but no one mentions it. People used (And still use today!) animals to help work.

I wonder why the caveman is lifting the large pie instead of the rock..(Or maybe he’s lifting the pie to get to the rock!) Oh well!
That’s some kind of example of how cavemen used the acient lever!

Did you know there is 3 classes of levers? Yes there is! Let me tell you about it.


The first class of lever is the Teeter Totter



There are three founding peoples of Canada. The Inuit and First nations,the French,the English.

The first nations were the first people in Canada. They were followed by the French and then the British.
The Bering strait is between Siberia and Alaska

the first nations got here by crossing the Bering Strait .


Over 800000 First Nations, Inuit and Metis currently live in Canada.The First Nations started marrying the french
then there kids were called Metis meaning [mixed blood].

Canada has two official laungages French, English.

The French came to Canada in the 1500’s.
When the French came to Canada they called it New France.


The French came to Canada Looking for land,wealth and gold.
The French common trades were Guns,Gunpowder,hatchets.
The most common occupationin New France was carpentry.
Beaver fur was the most important fur because it was is the only waterproof clothing back then.
The colonists of New France ate 2 pounds of bread and 6 ounces of bacon each day.They got the food they ate by farming and
hunting. When the french came to Canada thet declared they owned the land. the First nations found food in the past by
hunting buffalo and catching fish. The first Nations, Inuit. srossed the bering strait when it was frozen now it is water.


The British and French went to war the war lasted 7 years. The British won thats why most of Canada speaks English.


The Inuit would eat walrus fat and for clothes they would wear polar bear fur 2 layers of it. There forts in the winter were
igloos. In the summer there forts were made of walrus skin.

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