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Monday , June 20

What we did today: Lesson on Scientific process .Setting up an experiment Science Lesson. Incandescent and Flourescent lights. Worksheet completed in class Reading- worked on novel project. Finish Self-Evaluation for homework. Music Walked to Pool. Fun swim in the afternoon. … Continue reading

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Art Projects


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Wednesday, June 15

What we did today: Math lesson- dividing decimals. Worked on page 242 (2,3) for grade fives. Grade sixes worked on page 236 (2,3) Socials – Government lesson , 3 levels of government Computer- finished off and presented Smartboard projects (Kylie, … Continue reading

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Tuesday, June 14

What we did today: *homework Read novel . Finish for homework. Novel test on Thursday * Plan out novel summary. Pick out ten of the most important events. Computer- finished off Smartboard projects Socials- Lesson on government. Chart quiz and … Continue reading

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Monday, June 13

What we did today: *homework NOvel study * Character Sketch *Finish reading novel Maniac Magee, Whipping Boy Plan out summary on paper (jot down 10 important events) Math test fractions Grade 6’s- Name Acronym for Grade 6 ceremony on Friday … Continue reading

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Friday, June 10

what we did today: Math tests adding and multiplying decimals French – lesson on weather Computers- Smartboard projects Journal writing Personal Planning sheets Socials lesson on Provincial and local governments Computer presentations on Powerpoint cartoons

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Thursday, June 9

What we did today: ** homework Reading – character sketch activity for novel study Math lesson dividing by 10. ** grade fives page 240. Grade sixes ** page 234 Socials – Federal Government lesson Music PE- 2 pitch baseball game … Continue reading

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