Wednesday, June 3…. Year end Calendar of things to come

What we did today:

Math lesson number patterns. Grade 5 page 1,2 for homework. Grade 6’s page 1,2 for homework
Socials – Government lesson
Reading – Read number the stars , and novel assignment “Character sketch”
Silent reading
PE- defender
Science Video Electricity. Take notes on five pieces of information from the video.

The last month seems to be always pretty crazy. A calendar of events to finish the year off.

June 4 – Thursday (tomorrow) District Track Meet (only top students from sportsday were picked for the Kent Track team)

June 5- Friday- Talent Show

June 8- Monday – Field trip to Nestle Water Plant / Hope pool while Mr.Mills class is at the plant ($2 to swim)

June 9- Tuesday- Field trip to Fort Langley (12:30-2:30) $10 . We do not get back until 4:00 . Student pick up at Kent Elementary at 4 pm.

Fort Langley very busy it was the only times available for student workshops (e.g. blacksmith shop, cooper shop, etc.)

June 22- Monday- Trans Canada Waterslides.

June 25- Thursday – Last day for students , report cards go home.

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