New paragraph for writing project from Ms.Carman’s class

See full story under Writing project 2015

Then, suddenly it all came to her. The force-field, the fast running and the freezing. Her powers were water! She ran fast because the snow was helping her, she froze King Genius with ice and her force field was made of ice, and, also once she fell in the lake and rocketed strait back out and she didn’t know how to swim! She had always thought it was a whale. But now she knew it was her power. The footsteps jolted her out of thought, her eyes (now adjusted to the dark) found a cabinet by the door, Jenna hid behind it while the footsteps grew louder. BOOM! BOOM! Then, she noticed a water pipe above the door. She concentrated: somehow she sensed water inside it. Then she saw a shadow; it looked furry. It came closer and closer, Jenna had just enough time to see a huge bear standing on its hind legs and roaring before a huge wall of water came toppling down on her! Jenna was barely aware of anything, she was sinking, drowning. Then, everything went black.

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