The next paragraph in our writing project

Mr. Mills Division 3 Paragraph 4

A human shaped figure came out of the fog, than suddenly they both blacked out. Jenna woke, up it was nighttime, and realized El Macho was gone. Jenna saw a sign that said, “Swan Lake Asylum.” The gate opened slowly, Jenna walked towards the gate and suddenly, “Bang”! The gate closed forcefully and she walked past the outside security room. The building was massive, like a castle. Jenna shivered with fear, she went to the front door and it was locked. Jenna noticed the side gate on the left was also locked, but she noticed a bend in the gate big enough to squeeze through. The building still had scaffolding up because they were renovating after the building was being condemned. She noticed the sign that said, “DANGER, DO NOT ENTER AT ANY RISK.” Despite being scared, she forced herself to continue. She climbed up the scaffolding and went in through an open window. It was dark inside, the light in the room didn’t work. She saw some light through a slightly opened door. As she was leaving the room, the TV turned on with just static playing. Jenna screamed then she saw a radio. Someone said, “ Be quiet!” It was El Macho. Jenna heard some thing, it was very loud foot steps. El Macho said there’s a security room, if you get there you can open the front doors and get out of here. The static continued to shutter, on and off. “Boom, Boom,” the radio went silent. Then El Macho said,”Runnnn!.” Jenna started to run as fast as she could, she broke through a big pane of glass that overlooked the mezzanine. Using her force field she fell to the main floor unharmed. Somebody came on the radio and said, “ My name is Agent Washington, does anyone copy.” Jenna said, “Hello.” But no one answered. Jenna ran down the hall towards the security room and went in and locked all the locks. Jenna went to the computer she started to type. Then somebody on the radio said, “ Jenna this is agent Washington, stay put, but try to hide. Someone is going to try to kill you I’m coming. I will help you, but the power is going to go out. I’m almost there, oh no.” Jenna heard a fearsome voice say, “Agent Washington.” Then the power went out Jenna had no help, unless Washington was still out there, if he was out there…

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