First paragraph , Writing project 2015

Paragraph one is in the books. Mrs.Gallamore, your class up next.

The order :
Mrs.Gallamore’s class, grade 6, Agassiz, BC, due Feb. 6
Mr.Ward’s grade 3/4 class in Richmond , BC, due Feb. 13
Mr.Mills’s grade 4/5 class , Agassiz, BC, due Feb. 20
Ms.Milos grade four class in Rome, Italy, due Feb. 27
Mrs.Carman’s grade 4/5 class in Agassiz, BC , due March 6

Tall silvery ancient birch trees, dappled with powdery delicate snow, glistened in the winter sunlight. Long spiky icicles glimmered in the golden Arctic sun like stunning diamonds. The large frosty forest clearing, in which I sat, gave me a dazzling view of the brilliant icy blue cloudless afternoon sky. I swished my ice seared furry tail softly as I quietly pondered my day so far. “My name is Jenna , the new leader of the strong, bold and brave Crystal Stone Pack”, I thought delightedly. I sighed tragically. That perfect fantasy would never be true though my bright eyes were like two flawless sparkling emeralds. My luscious fur was clean, well groomed, and silver. My tail was light and fluffy. It was my wretched front left paw…. harshly twisted sideways since birth. I was doomed to be an Omega for eternity. I was about to go back to my powerful pack when a familiar and depressed voice called, “Jenna”. I whipped around aggressively to see a dark shadowy figure appearing from the dense fog.

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