Students descriptive paragraphs

The topic sentence. The dinner was good. Some paragraphs….

By Navi
The birthday dinner was amazingly good. There was super fizzy orange juice pops with three freezing, crackling ice cubes. Extraordinary scarlet yam fries, passionately cooked to perfection, made up the side dish. The peculiar main course was the official best though. It’s impossible to deny, crispy grouse nuggets that were perilously delightful. The important feast was exceptionally exquisite!

By Summer
The dinner was good. The fantastically decorated Caesar salad, with epicly appealing croutons, was exceedingly scrumptious. The mouth watering, tasty turkey chicken with shimmering gravy was absolutely delicious. The fluffy smooth mashed potatoes were very savory and filling. The unforgettable feast was indeed amazing.

By Weston
The dinner was good. I had savory mashed potatoes that were dripping with extremely smooth gravy. I had a giant turkey that was full of perfectly cooked delicious stuffing. For desert there was ice cream with a chocolate shell, drizzled with caramel, covered in whipped cream and sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles. The feast was fantastic!

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