Great class paragraph!!!!

Today in class we worked on paragraphs and topic sentences. We brainstormed and came up as a class with this paragraph. It is quite good.

The supper was delicious. The sizzling T-Bone steak was epicly juicy and smothered in delicious Bulls-Eye smoked hickory BBQ sauce. The passionately made Italian spaghetti, with homemade fresh spicy meatballs, was mesmerizingly fantastic. The glistening emerald green broccoli and luscious sage brussel sprouts were covered in mouth watering hot golden cheese sauce. The feast was exceedingly savory.

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2 Responses to Great class paragraph!!!!

  1. Natalie Dubiellak says:

    Oh my goodness…..I am now starving!!!!! Trust my daughter to need the inclusion of Bulls-eye BBQ sauce!

    Thank you for that Mr. Gallamore’s class!
    SInead’s Mummy!

  2. Chuck Lawson says:

    I’ll take my steak medium rare, please. I love the very descriptive paragraph! Really enabled the reader to visualize the amazing meal.

    Thanks for sharing the great work by the class!

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