2015 Writing project

Paragraph one is in the books. Mrs.Gallamore, your class up next.

The order :
Mr.Gallamore’s class, grade 5/6, Agassiz , BC
Mrs.Gallamore’s class, grade 6, Agassiz, BC, due Feb. 6
Mr.Ward’s grade 3/4 class in Richmond , BC, due Feb. 13
Mr.Mills’s grade 4/5 class , Agassiz, BC, due Feb. 20
Mrs.Carman’s grade 4/5 class in Agassiz, BC , due March 6
Ms.Milos grade four class in Rome, Italy, due March 20

Mr.Gallamore’s class starts us off
Tall silvery ancient birch trees, dappled with powdery delicate snow, glistened in the winter sunlight. Long spiky icicles glimmered in the golden Arctic sun like stunning diamonds. The large frosty forest clearing, in which I sat, gave me a dazzling view of the brilliant icy blue cloudless afternoon sky. I swished my ice seared furry tail softly as I quietly pondered my day so far. “My name is Jenna , the new leader of the strong, bold and brave Crystal Stone Pack”, I thought delightedly. I sighed tragically. That perfect fantasy would never be true though my bright eyes were like two flawless sparkling emeralds. My luscious fur was clean, well groomed, and silver. My tail was light and fluffy. It was my wretched front left paw…. harshly twisted sideways since birth. I was doomed to be an Omega for eternity. I was about to go back to my powerful pack when a familiar and depressed voice called, “Jenna”. I whipped around aggressively to see a dark shadowy figure appearing from the dense fog.



From Mrs.Gallamore’s class
Instinctively, Jenna started viciously hissing and screaming. As the silhouette crept closer Jenna realized the figure wasn’t that beastly. She exhaled heavily in alleviation. It was more the size of a chihuahua. O.M.G… it is a chihuahua, excalimed Jenna. He is wearing a disheveled crystal blue and ruby red sombrero under which a handlebar mustache could be seen. “Hola”, chikita I am El Macho and I am here from Durango Mexico, the land of the living, to save you Jenna”. Why are you here to rescue me El Macho?” I am here to protect you from the evil king genius, who steals super powers from wolves and other four legged animals”. But, I don’t have any powers El Macho. Yes my dear Jenna they are forged into your deformed front left paw. Then suddenly…….

From Mr.Ward’s class
The evil king genius and his guards came from a nearby distance. While the guards went to hunt down Jenna, El Macho grabbed Jenna’s front left paw and dragged her to a nearby bush. The guards went after Jenna first because she was the leader of the crystal stone pack. There is no way the pack would survive without her as their leader. In the bush El Macho started to sing an unusual chant. Jenna’s left paw started glowing and making a similar sound as the chant itself. The guards and the evil king genuis backed away quickly with a strange look on their faces. Jenna wondered why. What just happened to me? exclaimed El Macho. The king genuius and the guards stood at a distance from El Macho and Jenna. They could clearly see them in the bushes but were afraid to go any closer. El Macho said to Jenna “see, I told you your paw has special powers.” Jenna whispered back to El Macho “look at your wrist, it is now glowing too.” We must push back the evil king genius and find your pack. “How are we going to do that?” Jenna exclaimed ” lets move in on them chanting and see if both our powers will push them back. “Good Idea” said El Macho. Both being brave, they came out of the bushes, facing the mighty king genius and the guards, walk toward them chanting loudly when the guards started to turn and run away. El Macho yelled out “No way you are getting Jenna’s super powers!” As El Macho and Jenna approached the King Genius they noticed that he was not moving! He looked like a statue. They went up to him, touched him, he didnt move and El Macho and Jenna looked at each other and El Macho, with a surprised look on his face, said, “Jenna, I know what your super powers can do! Come on, lets go get the guards”. They began chasing after the guards leaving the king genius behind them when they realized they began to run faster than they ever had before. Again, El Macho yelled out “your super powers are awesome” they continued to pursue the guards when they noticed up ahead………….


Mr. Mills Division 3 Paragraph 4

A human shaped figure came out of the fog, than suddenly they both blacked out. Jenna woke, up it was nighttime, and realized El Macho was gone. Jenna saw a sign that said, “Swan Lake Asylum.” The gate opened slowly, Jenna walked towards the gate and suddenly, “Bang”! The gate closed forcefully and she walked past the outside security room. The building was massive, like a castle. Jenna shivered with fear, she went to the front door and it was locked. Jenna noticed the side gate on the left was also locked, but she noticed a bend in the gate big enough to squeeze through. The building still had scaffolding up because they were renovating after the building was being condemned. She noticed the sign that said, “DANGER, DO NOT ENTER AT ANY RISK.” Despite being scared, she forced herself to continue. She climbed up the scaffolding and went in through an open window. It was dark inside, the light in the room didn’t work. She saw some light through a slightly opened door. As she was leaving the room, the TV turned on with just static playing. Jenna screamed then she saw a radio. Someone said, “ Be quiet!” It was El Macho. Jenna heard some thing, it was very loud foot steps. El Macho said there’s a security room, if you get there you can open the front doors and get out of here. The static continued to shutter, on and off. “Boom, Boom,” the radio went silent. Then El Macho said,”Runnnn!.” Jenna started to run as fast as she could, she broke through a big pane of glass that overlooked the mezzanine. Using her force field she fell to the main floor unharmed. Somebody came on the radio and said, “ My name is Agent Washington, does anyone copy.” Jenna said, “Hello.” But no one answered. Jenna ran down the hall towards the security room and went in and locked all the locks. Jenna went to the computer she started to type. Then somebody on the radio said, “ Jenna this is agent Washington, stay put, but try to hide. Someone is going to try to kill you I’m coming. I will help you, but the power is going to go out. I’m almost there, oh no.” Jenna heard a fearsome voice say, “Agent Washington.” Then the power went out Jenna had no help, unless Washington was still out there, if he was out there…


From Ms.Carman’s class

Then, suddenly it all came to her. The force-field, the fast running and the freezing. Her powers were water! She ran fast because the snow was helping her, she froze King Genius with ice and her force field was made of ice, and, also once she fell in the lake and rocketed strait back out and she didn’t know how to swim! She had always thought it was a whale. But now she knew it was her power. The footsteps jolted her out of thought, her eyes (now adjusted to the dark) found a cabinet by the door, Jenna hid behind it while the footsteps grew louder. BOOM! BOOM! Then, she noticed a water pipe above the door. She concentrated: somehow she sensed water inside it. Then she saw a shadow; it looked furry. It came closer and closer, Jenna had just enough time to see a huge bear standing on its hind legs and roaring before a huge wall of water came toppling down on her! Jenna was barely aware of anything, she was sinking, drowning. Then, everything went black.

The ending from Ms.Milos class in Rome, Italy
A couple of hours later Jenna opened her eyes slowly. Then suddenly she spotted two yellow fiery eyes in the darkness. “Is it Washington or someone else?” she wondered. The doors slammed open. The mysterious outline was approaching through the open doors. A merciless roar broke the silence of the quiet building. She jumped and tried to hide but crushed into the computer. The old squeaky floor cracked under her and she fell into the old basement full of cobwebs and clouds of dust. She struggled to stand up but she felt paws of ice around her neck. She let out a desperate howl when she saw the familiar face.
“You evil traitor! How could you? Now you are on King Genius’s side? You betrayed a childhood of memories!”
“I have always been and will always be your enemy!”Grim hollered.
“Why?! You should protect me! You are my TWIN BROTHER!”
“You say that like you didn’t know! You were always the smarter, the faster, the best between us! I was always in your shadow! Now that I kill you I will become the leader of the pack!”
Without a second thought Jenna sank her white sharp fangs into his throat. Grim bellowed with pain but kept a sturdy grip around her neck. He scraped her face off and blood started dripping down her furry chest. Jenna was losing her breath but she kept fighting for her life. She flipped onto her back because she knew her belly was the most vulnerable part.
The floor started to tremble. The sound of running feet was getting closer and louder. Jenna squinted to make out the figures. Out of nowhere, El Macho stormed in with a howling brave pack of wolves.
“Arriva, arriva!” he yelled with all his might. “We’re here to save you!”
El Macho and Grim exchanged a thundering look. Grim jumped back in fear. He didn’t expect all his enemies to appear. The wolves hesitated. They didn’t know who was right and who deserved to be attacked, Jenna or her twin brother.
“I assure you that Jenna is innocent! Grim wants to become the Alpha leader! He knows that Jenna is the only wolf standing in his way!” El Macho screamed.
“He’s right! I protected the pack against King Genius, not him!” Jenna reminded them with pride.
Agent Washington jumped down from the first floor.
“Grim, I’m at your service! I am your ally!” he admitted.
A fierce battle started between the two sides. Agent Washington had the first move: he vigorously attacked Jenna biting her neck and holding her on the ground with his strong front paws. The wolves charged towards Grim. In the meantime, a member of the pack pushed him and scratched his back leg. Fortunately, Jenna succeeded in getting up and cornered Agent Washington. All of a sudden, she could see him shaking and glowing until she was surrounded by six agents that looked exactly like him. Not knowing what to do, completely bewildered, she tried to back against the wall. As soon as El Macho noticed that Jenna was trapped, he jumped on one of the fake agents crashing on the ground. Shocked, he realized that five of them were holograms. He looked carefully and observed that one of them had a slightly darker fur.
El Macho thought to himself, “That must be the real Agent Washington!”
He yelled at Jenna, “The one in the middle is him!”
Fearless, Jenna sprang towards him and knocked him to the ground. Grim saw the scene and ran to help Agent Washington. That’s when the pack followed Grim and the whole battle got more intense.
In an instant, Grim shook off all the wolves that were enclosing him. Afterwards, the agent hollered with fear: one of the young wolves reached him and bit his shoulder. It was clear that the pack would win.
Jenna petrified Agent Washington but as much as she tried she could not stop Grim. His blood was the same as Jenna’s so she was powerless against him. She then thought of trapping him with her force field: it worked!!!
Finally, the victory was hers: she was now the Alpha leader of Crystal Stone Pack. Nobody cared about her twisted paw but welcomed her as a hero. The only things that counted were loyalty, bravery and sacrifice.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year!! Rob


One Response to 2015 Writing project

  1. Chris Wejr says:

    Love it! With the descriptive words, I am able to see and feel like I am right in the story. Well done! Can’t wait read the end. To all kids at Kent – hello from Mr. Wejr! To Mr. Gallamore – thank you for starting and continuing this awesome project.

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