Monday, October 6

What we did today:

Reading – 5’s assigned vocabulary words. 6’s finished off comprehension sheet for Dear Mr.Henshaw
Spelling post test #2
computer – Started on powerpoint Science project
Science – 5’s Food groups assignment due tomorrow on making four lunches. 6’s P. 7 (1-3) on Living things
Socials test Canada
Drummer presentation Uzume Taiko
Vocabulary words – spiral, innovative, unique, technique, clever, enable, unconventional, routine, strict, inject

Spelling words- afraid, explain, payment, trace, sleigh, laid, raise, straight, freight, height, they, favorite, April, able, radio, station, daybreak, relation, palliative, contemptuous

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One Response to Monday, October 6

  1. amy says:

    I really like being able to keep track of what my daughter is doing and needs to do. Thank you!

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