Ending to our story….. see full story under Story Writing project 2014

the ending from Mrs.Peters’ grade 5/6 class

…saw that it wasn’t blood, but red gas pouring out of her leg. “What?!” she shouted. Suddenly Joe came floating through the air. “Julie finish her,” Joe demanded. “No, I am no longer your slave,” she said. “Very well then,” Joe said and suddenly he used the red gas and turned it into a beam and brought Julie back to the dark side. “Finish her!” he hissed. Julie lifted up a huge claw ready to strike when suddenly the masked man came out of nowhere hurling his golf club at Julie knocking her out. “NO!’ screamed Joe and sent a bolt of lightning at the masked man. “AHHHH!!” He shouted. Anger surged inside Jessica and she sent a huge flame flying at Joe. With a final scream of anger Joe disappeared. Jessica pulled off the masked mans mask and gasped. She was staring at Joe’s evil grin. “But I killed you!’ She exclaimed. “I am many.” He hissed and he prepared to finish her. “Hands up!” A loud voice boomed and a SWAT team charged in and took Joe away. Julie had turned back into a good being and had called the cops. As Julie and Jessica were walking to school the next day Julie told Jessica that Joe had escaped prison. “We’ll be ready.” Jessica answered.

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