Next paragraph in our story (Story writing project 2014)

From Mr.Ward’s grade three class in Richmond, BC (see full story in the menu item above)

Suddenly they heard something of what sounded like a car engine. They barely had a chance to figure it out when a car came smashing through the school hallway. The car almost hit them then they heard the tires screech and take off. The girls were still tangled in the net when they felt a pull and realized the net was caught on the bumper of the car. They were dragged back through the wall of the school and onto the grass by the bike racks. The net must have ripped on the ground and had split the net open. The car came to a stop and the door quickly opened. A masked man got out and started yelling at them. The girls paniced and quickly found the hole in the net and slipped out. The masked man ran back to the car to grab an object that looked like a golf club. Jessica and Julie took off running as fast as they could toward the playground and the trees behind the school. As they looked through bushes they saw the man who pointed and yelled “get back here” and he started running towards the bushed. Jessica and Julie were very scared and beginning to run deeper into the bushes and the forest area. Their hearts beating quickly they decided to try and outrun the man. They could hear the man catching up to them while he yelled “i am going to get you!” Just then Jessica tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. She saw the blood from the cut on her knee. Both Jessica and Julie looked behind them and ………………………..

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