Writing project 2014… next paragraph

Jessica breathed heavily, wincing with every step she took down the hall. Pain struck through her as she bolted. It felt unbearable yet she still found enough strength to sprint faster every turn she took. It wasn’t long after Jessica heard an ear piercing howl through the school hallways. Julie was fast, always known as being the athletic type so Jessica decided to hide in the janitor’s closet. A thought came to mind when Jessica saw a mop, bucket, hose and nets so she improvised. Quickly, she turned the tap on, grabbing the mop and bucket. She drenched the mop in water and cleaning supplies, carelessly dumping the water in large puddles in the hallway. Julie was coming onto Jessica quickly, using her nose to guide her straight towards Jessica. To busy hunting down Jessica, Julie was oblivious to the soap and water and let out a squeal of surprise as she flailed to the ground. As if on cue, Jessica came in with the nets, running over, leaping and entrapping Julie. It was like walking on marbles to Jessica and it was near impossible to stand when fighting one another. Julie struggled in fury, sending them both cascading to the floor, tangled in the nets. They both became entangled and tied to the ropes, both feeling trapped.

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