Writing assignments

Writing assignments I forgot to post earlier:

The ugly naked male rate, what had 3d shapes on it’s back, scientifically created a new really loud ear piercing squeal that could kill a nocturnal deaf wiener dog.
by Sam, Mateo, Owen

The plump, male, grey feathered great auk produced a very loud and strange hubbub while flying noisily and awkwardly in search of delicious fish.
by Mati, Tristan, Austin.

The cute, small, orange bunny , with massively yellow teeth, yodled an annoying blood-curdling peep after riding a crocodile with purple eyes and painted claws.
by Caitlynn, Tamarra, Mackenzie

The polka dotted and striped giraffe squirted out a weird T-Rex noise. by Samantha, Em-Lee, Hailey

The purple, red-spotted reindeer , that was a boy, let out a terrible shriek that sounded like a seal.
By Bianca, Kassandra, Taylor

The male wolf, with pitch black dishevelled hair, red eyes and a small nose, built a den for his mom, dad, sister and brother. By Caitlin, Emily, Shayleen

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