Writing (Wednesday)

Started with the sentence The car was fast. They had to substitute, expand (use thesaurus, dictionary) to improve the sentence to make more clear.

The results:
The super dooper shiny black Ferrari went down the really tight green slimy road at lightning speed then at the end of the road went off a one hundred foot tall ramp.

The red flamed Dodge Viper sped around the race track only at night because he was nocturnal.

The weird purple automobile with pink polkadots was driving around the corner very speedily when it was squashed under a semi because he was going on the wrong side of the road.

Batman was driving the Batmobile at break neck speed, while singing very terribly at the top of his lungs, and broke his super doper expensive fiberglass windows.

The pink Lamborghini was speeding on the number nine highway in Agassiz then flew off a cliff and landed on an old man who was picking poison blackberries.

The yellow, rusty, dirty nana wagon was dangerously speeding down the muddy dead end beautiful trail and came to a screeching lonely stop.

The black and yellow Jaguar 300 was so turbo that it could go back in time when it went backwards.

At night in Agassiz, a bright red mustang was speeding down a long bumpy road when it came to a stop sign.

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