Writing … descriptive sentences

The students started with the sentence, The child ate the food. Using a thesaurus , they had to brainstorm and rewrite the sentence.

The results:
1) The mean teen boy visciously devoured the big, juicy, pomengranite in less than two minutes and bright red juice spread everywhere.
2) The fat, young pharmacist greedily gnawed the delicious greasy, juicy bacon while he also quickly chewed the amazing raw potato from Australia.
3) The smelly, ugly cannibal visciously licked the smelly vomit coloured soup, with maggots and hair floating on top, while sitting on a mold infested toilet.
4) The small, freckled, dishevelled looking tyke nibbled and gnawed the gross, blue, moldy, nourishing, smelly chicken with five hundred maggots living in it.

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