Sentence Writing

The students started with the sentence, The bike went down the road. They had to revise it to make it more clear and more interesting. A few results:

Owen , Mateo ,Tristan.
The dusty smelly, purple stalagmite tricycle stomped down the busy four lane highway bridge and dodged a snot yellow rusty minivan, lost control, and fell into the crocodile infested river below the bridge.

Caitlynn, Austin, Mati
The brownish orange rusty BMX trick tricycle slid slowly and loudly down the bumpy old well used lonely lane while doing amazing stunts like backflips, spins and other cool things.

Samantha, Caitlin, Malcolm
The blue-red striped mountain sled bike raced rapidly down the cold icy highway in Alaska, that’s filled with vicious wolves, delicious bananas and mean polar bears, just to get some bright blue, shiny, diamonds.

Katelyn g, Matthew, A
The silver shiny motorcycle, which was going down the curvy icy highway, popped a wheel and he crashed in the middle of the curvy icy highway.

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