Next paragraph in story writing project by Mr.Ward

From Mr.Ward’s grade three class

It was only about 5 more minutes of hearing the singing man when we finally pulled into the train station in London. I was feeling good and rested since i was sleeping on the train. I was getting off the train, grabbed my bags, and quickly walked down the stairs and off to the platform. Wait! I yelled to myself, where is Quincy? I left her back on the train. I turned to run back up the stairs and saw a young girl had Quincy in her arms. She came up to me and said dont forget your cat. I walked through the train station looking for my grandma, she was supposed to pick me up. I found her, gave her a big hug and we started the 2 hour drive back to her home. We had a great a talk and she asked me about my audition. She was still so proud of me for doing this audition. The next day grandma took me to the theatre and I walked into the lobby to see many other people who were looking right at me. I thought this would be a tough audition but didnt realize that so many people would be trying to get this part. I waited for 1 hour until my name was finally called. I followed this lady down a dark tunnel before we turned the corner and then arrived at the door. The lady opened the door and yelled “Adrienne”, she turned and left, I walked into the room and there were 4 people looking at me. I sat down in the chair and I started to get very nervous my palms started to feel moist. I took a gulp and waited for someone to say something. Finally, a lady stood up and said……………………………

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