Predicting paragraph two of writing project

We are doing a writing project (see menu on the right hand side…New writing project) . Each week a new class writes a new paragraph. While they are writing my class will try and predict what the students might right. Currently up is a grade three class in Italy.

Here is Philip’s prediction of the next paragraph.

As the flames grew closer they consumed everything in a ball of white hot fire. Suddenly the train swerved and I was knocked out cold. When I came too I was lying on a seat. Suddenly I felt like I was just pierced by a hundred red hot needles. I was on fire. Quickly I beat out the flames and ran to the window and saw fire fighters and people evacuating. I quickly ran to the door and pulled. It would not budge. I tried again. It was jammed. I was trapped in a train that was on fire. Alone.

By Philip

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