Paragraph 2 of the new writing project

This was done by a grade two class in Rome, Italy. The teacher is Cristina Milos. Their contribution (see the full story in the menu under New Writing project)——————
I calmed myself down and said to Quincy. “It’s all right. I have some water to make the fire go away.” After that I took my water out of my bag,and I splashed it on the floor. The fire was going down. Then I said to the man, “Be more careful when you smoke because we are not outside the train, OK?” Then the train driver yelled, “Oh, no! The water came in the electricity cabin of the train!” I asked if any one had a tissue but no one had. I said to the train driver if he could open the doors and he did. We tried to get off the train, but it was too fast to put our feet down.

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