Paragraph one of Story Writing Project 2013

Our first paragraph thanks to Donna’s grade sixes in Agassiz, BC.
“Good-bye! Arrivaderci! Au revoir! ” I waved to my parents as the train started to move. I was in London-bound for an exciting “Alice in Wonderland” film audition. My kitten Quincy played with my hair as the train gradually picked up speed. “Good-bye, Adrienne. Good luck!” my parents called. As they became smaller and smaller, I relaxed in my seat and looked around checking my surroundings. I noticed that the man in the seat next to me was lighting a cigarette. I slid closer to the window , as I hate the revolting stench of cigarette smoke. All of a sudden the train bounced , and the man’s match flew out of his hand and landed on the floor. I began to panic as the flames spread, getting closer and closer to the engine room. In a flash, I scooped up Quincy , stood on my seat and exclaimed, “The train’s on fire!!!”
Story will be posted at class website, look in the menu to the right
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One Response to Paragraph one of Story Writing Project 2013

  1. Chris Wejr says:

    Awesome start! I can’t wait to read what happens in this fiery train!

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